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Thurles Hockey Club Compliance and Disciplinary Policy

Compliance Committee:

The displinary committee will deal with any concerns about behaviour of a member/volunteer or player that is brought to them by any persons in relation to issues that may arise within the club. They will ensure that the Thurles Hockey Club (GHC) Risk Assessment form is completed at the beginning of each season and passed at committee.

Procedures to be followed:
  • The code of conduct is available on our website and is brought to the attention of new members.
  • Complaints should be made in writing to the secretary or CPO and will be responded to within 5 working days.
  • The compliance committee should review any relevant paperwork and hold any necessary meetings with all parties to proceed with complaints into any incident of suspected misconduct that does not relate to child abuse. It should, as soon as possible, inform the Management Committee of the progress of the disciplinary process. This should be done within 10 working days.
  • The compliance committee should furnish the individual with the nature of the complaint being made against him/her and afford him/her the opportunity of providing a response either verbally or in writing, but usually at a meeting with the compliance committee.
  • All written records should be stored safely and confidentially.
  • Where it is established that an incident of misconduct has taken place, the compliance committee should notify the member of any sanction being imposed. The notification should be made in writing, setting out the reasons for the sanction. If the member is under 18 years of age, correspondence should be addressed to the parents / carers.
  • If the member against whom the complaint was made is unhappy with the decision of the disciplinary committee, she/he should have the right to appeal the decision to an appeals committee. Any appeal should be made in writing within an agreed period after issue, usually 10 days of the decision of the disciplinary committee.
  • The chairperson of the appeals committee should be a member of the Management Committee. The appeals committee should consult with the Club Children’s Officer in relation to issues of child welfare and codes of conduct.
  • The appeals committee should have the power to confirm, set aside or change any sanction imposed by the disciplinary committee.
  • If any party is not satisfied with the outcome the matter can be referred to the Governing Body. However, efforts to resolve the issue at local level should be exhausted before the National Governing Body is engaged in attempts to resolve the matter.